10 things I learned as a Dutchy living in London

I’ve lived in London for about 1,5 years now and I’ve studied in the UK for 2,5 years before that. Trust me, I’ve learned some interesting things being a Dutchy in London. 1. Things are never spelled the way you say them Okay, not never, but often! Take Marylebone, Islington.. the list is endless.…

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Life, Sport & Fitness

The start of half marathon training!

Today is the day: let’s kick off my half marathon training! If you follow me on Instagram (@fitwithanne_nl) you might know that I’ve entered the Oxford Half Marathon. It was a bit of an impulsive decision to be honest, but it’s something I have been saying for ages so it’s about time it’s happening.…

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Sport & Fitness

Planking and why it’s good for you

It’s the summer! Kind of. Which means that wherever you go, you see plank-challenges pop up everywhere. People are obsessed! I’ve also started planking every day after reading about all the benefits of it. It’s true when they say planking is good for you! See, it’s all about the core, and having a strong…

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